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Spore Syringes vs Liquid Culture Syringes

Multi-spore syringes, sometimes abbreviated as MSS are syringes with spores suspended in a sterile solution. Spores are essentially the "seeds" of a mushroom. Microscopic in size, hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of spores can be produced by a single mushroom. Spores can be collected by "swabbing" the gills of the mushroom with a sterile medical swab or q-tip, or you can place the cap of a mushroom on a sheet of aluminum foil, gill side down. After 24 hours there will be a spore print on the foil. Suspend these in a sterile solution and draw up into a sterile syringe to make a multi-spore syringe.

Live or liquid culture syringes are a syringe with live mushroom mycelium suspended in a sterile, sometimes nutrient dense solution. They can be made by adding spores or mycelium to a nutrient rich solution and expanded. Tested, isolated mycelium will yield better and more consistent results than non-isolated mycelium. Live culture and multi-spore solutions should always be tested before use or sale for contaminates on agar plates. Denver Spore Company tests every batch for quality before selling or releasing any products.

Pros and Cons

Live Culture is typically much cleaner and less likely to contaminate than multi-spore syringes. This is because LC can be worked in sterile environments and isolated away from contaminates while processing. It is typically faster to germinate and colonize than multi-spore solutions. Multi-spore solutions tend to have a longer shelf life and offer opportunity for creating your own isolates, which can result in different growth, potency and physical characteristics of the mushrooms.

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