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Who is
Denver Spore Comapny?


Eric Burden

Meet Eric, the passionate owner of Denver Spore Company. With over 18 years of experience in cultivating mushrooms, Eric has dedicated his career to providing quality genetics, educational resources, and above and beyond customer service. In 2018, he founded Denver Spore Company with the goal of ensuring everyone has access to the healing benefits of plant medicine. Eric is committed to helping others embark on their own mushroom growing journey and is always happy to share his expertise with fellow enthusiasts. His love for mushrooms and desire to spread their benefits drives the mission of the company.

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Stephanie Burden

Stephanie, co-owner of Denver Spore Company, brings 3 years of experience guiding others on their mushroom cultivation journeys. She specializes in providing basic growing knowledge, micro-dosing best practices, and keeping Denver Spore Company active in the community. Stephanie utilizes her Doctorate in Education and 8 years of teaching experience to connect with customers in a patient, empathetic way. Stephanie has enjoyed learning from a knowledgeable professional like Eric and enjoys forming new connections and knowing she has aided someone's unique journey, which motivates her daily work across Denver Spore Company's operations.


David Porter

Meet David, our dedicated Sales and Production Manager at Denver Spore Company. David brings 10 years of experience in sales and management and has been in the Denver Spore family for a little over a year. David has proven himself as an invaluable member of the team. Not only does he help with quality control, but he serves as our idea generator, always coming up with innovative solutions for our products. His determination and hard work ethic make him an essential asset to our operations. His enthusiasm is contagious, keeping us all motivated and ready for whatever the mushroom industry brings our way.

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