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Micro-dosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

Micro-dosing is probably something you have heard a lot about recently, but what is it, how do I do it? It is a very easy, simple process if you can get your hands on some dried mushrooms. I strongly suggest growing your own. You will know where they came from and enjoy the process. Step 1- Grind whole dried mushrooms into fine granules or a powder. Step 2- Weigh out your micro-dose. This will vary from .1 of a gram to .5 of a gram. Depending on your bodyweight, tolerance, current medications and cultivar. You will need to experiment responsibly to determine your proper dose. Step 3- Consume your weighed amount in a tea, coffee or smoothie. This can be achieved by just mixing in the powder and consuming. Be sure your coffee or teas temperature is under 150 degrees F before adding your powder. Alternatives I recommend purchasing a capsule filling machine. They are relatively low cost, save time and improve accurate dosing. Be sure to check the size of the capsules and filling machine size while ordering so they match. Ex. 0, 00, 1 size. I also recommend purchasing the capsules separated. Otherwise they will come with the caps and the bodies connected together and you will have to separate them by hand prior to filling. You can also mix your powder into chocolate or gummies. I recommend avoiding this as dosing can vary from piece to piece.

Check out the video tutorials page for a video on making capsules!

Dried Mushrooms By Denver Spore Company. Golden Caps Are Jedi Mind F*ck, Large Pale Capped Mushroom is Lucid Gates.

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