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How to make a spore print

Spore prints are great ways to collect and store mushroom spores. This process is simple and effective. If properly stored, spores can last decades on a spore print. Spores are a great way to store a genetic library for future use, and for trading with other spore collectors.

What you will need.

  1. A mature mushroom that has dropped its veil.

  2. A square piece of aluminum foil roughly 9x9 inches

  3. 70% Isopropyl alcohol

  4. A large bowl or Tupperware

You will begin by harvesting or picking a mushroom. Try to find a specimen which has not yet begun to drop spores. If it has begun to drop spores, it is still possible to take a spore print. You may get less spores and the gills of the mushroom have been exposed to the environment, making them more likely to contain contaminates (foreign mold spores or bacteria).

Lay out a new piece of aluminum foil and wipe it down with the alcohol. Let the foil air dry in a clean environment with the bowl or Tupperware face down over it.

Wearing disinfected gloves, gently twist the cap of the mushroom to remove it from the stipe (stem).

Place the mushroom cap gill side down on the aluminum foil.

Place the clean bowl or Tupperware over the cap. This will help prevent drafting air from blowing the spores away. It will also prevent foreign mold spores and bacteria from getting onto your spore print.

Leave the bowl over the cap for 24 hours undisturbed. This will allow the mushroom to drop spores onto the aluminum foil.

After 24 hours, remove the bowl. Use a safety pin or needle to jab and pick up the cap from the foil. If you use your fingers to grasp the cap, you will likely touch the outer ring of the spore print. This is a vector for contaminating the spore print. Using a pin or needle will help pick up the cap, leaving the spores on the spore print undisturbed.

After the cap has been removed you may notice some moisture on the foil and spores. Place the bowl back over the spore print. Allow the spore print to dry completely. Once dry you can fold up the spore print and store it in a zip lock bag. Place the enclosed spore print in a cool dark place until you are ready to use it.

This is a spore print of Denver Spore Companies strain - Jedi Mind F*ck

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